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7 Great Tips to Marketing in a Social Networking Age

The world we live in is constantly changing, and how people access information is changing even faster.

People now access information on computers, tablets and phones in bite-sized chunks. And businesses need to develop content with these new media preferences and consumption platforms in mind.

Here are seven tips to creating this type of content:

  1. Simple. Using big words and unintelligible acronyms only confuses people, so don’t try to be too clever and leave your audience behind. One-syllable words can be much more effective than those of three or four.
  2. Headlines. Seconds count when reaching people on the Web, so grab attention—with the headline to ensure readers will want to view or read the rest. Google searches bring up the headline and then the description, so don’t neglect the description either. This also applies to videos, images, and tweets.
  3. Structure. Use short paragraphs of two to three sentences and subtitles to draw readers in—avoid walls of text. Keep it “snack size” and use bullet points and lists.
  4. Conversational. Writing, as well as society, is moving from formal to informal. Write the way you speak-conversational writing is seen as authentic and real.
  5. Stories. Telling a story touches readers’ emotions and remember that a story in the introduction can be very effective.
  6. Multi-media. Because everyone has different media preferences, create your content and develop it into a variety of media. You can repurpose an article into a video, slide presentation, podcast, transcript, or info graphic. This will help you reach a wider audience.
  7. Responsive. Make your content adaptable to the different screen sizes for computers, tablets, and phones. Use templates that “respond” so people can easily view or read your content no matter the device.

BCN Services is working to develop both sales and service content that is easily accessed and available to fit today’s appetite for bite sized content.  Hopefully, you can apply some or all of these tips to improve your company’s marketing efforts.  If we can help, contact us here.

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